Escort Directory Software


Escort CMS Software Features

The escort directory site builder comes with the full’ core’ feature set as described below. Once you have decided upon your colour preferences and have selected a suitable domain name, we can begin work.

With our 15 year experience in the escort industry we know how important search engine optimization is for your escort directory’s success. At every level of the site, we have paid attention to SEO – from an ‘image light’ responsive design for rapid down load, to editable URLs, metatags and keywords, and from the ability to add keyword rich text throughout the site to the ability to add extra content pages – we have it all covered.


Applicants register to join, and to then have the ability to upload girls and buy things.

You approve or deny. You may want to insist they have your banner on their home page as a trade off for advertising with you for free.

Once approved, agencies, independents and industry related businesses can create a free account, and start uploading escort information to your directory.

They also have the option of buying ‘premium’ ads, such as home page exposure or perhaps a side of page or top of page banner.

Automatic rebilling. As admin, your main job will be policing of the site to make sure your standards are met, and that uploaded images are accurate. You can concentrate on SEO and marketing while the content of the site looks after itself.


The easy to use content management system allows anyone without any computer knowledge to add content – text, pictures, banners and links.

You can also edit escort listings and any other content uploaded by your advertisers. Your superpowerful login will give you access to edit all user uploaded information. You can ban users, disable their logins, you can delete them when things go wrong. We even have a bad word filter if you want to keep it clean.

Through various simple interfaces you can set what information goes up on each girl’s profile. You can then use these profile requirements to set up as many category galleries as you wish. Adding a gallery for ‘Blondes’ or ‘Expensive Escorts’ takes just a few seconds. What’s more, you will be able to optimize every gallery page you create for the search engines AND sell featured listings on it.


People like free stuff. They are immediately involved in your site because they love free exposure for their adult businesses. They can post news artciles for free. They can post their escort listings for free.

If they want banners on your site, they will be required to pay. If they want to get onto your home page – they will be required to pay. Featured girl category spots and featured adult services listings are paid too.

We think with this healthy mix of free and paid advertising will help both you and the escort agencies achieve their goals.

The site is e-commerce ready. While the ‘core’ product has a flat fee, and hourly fee is charged to attach the directory to your merchant account.